Course dates for 2024

Tour Operator Course: see details under Training Courses

Cost : R 3 000

Tourist Guide Courses:

4 x Full time courses: 08:30 – 17:00

22 Jan – 2 Feb 2024
6 – 17 May 2024    FULL
22 July – 2 August 2024
30 Sept – 11 Oct 2024

Cost : R7 600

Online Courses:

Start date – anytime

Face to face practicals:
Practicals during office hours 08:30 – 17:00

26 Jan – 2 Feb 2024
10 – 17 May 2024
26 July – 2 Aug 2024
4 – 11 Oct 2024

Cost : R7 600

A tour guide's role is vital as often it's the tourist's first impression with the people and culture of the place they're visiting.

Cape Town, the Mother City of South Africa, capital of the Western Cape and the most beautiful city by the sea, is on everyone's 'bucket list'.

'Fynbos' part of the Cape Floral Kingdom, the richest in the world with more than  8 500 different species and only found in the Western Cape.

Bontebok only found in South Africa and Lesotho, with the Western Cape home to the largest numbers.

Our 9 different Wine Regions offer tourists more than 500 different wine estates to visit and sample cultivars such as Sauvignon Blanc, Chenin Blanc, Merlot, Shiraz and even our own exclusive Pinotage.

Tourist will love South Africa's sunshine and exquisite scenery. We offer many outdoor activities such as hiking in the Cedarberg Mountains. "Travel makes one modest, you see what a tiny place you occupy in the world." - Gustave Flaubert

Hermanus, only 1,5 hours from Cape Town, rated the best 'whale sighting' destination in the world. Join us for the Whale festival in September.

The spring flowers along the West Coast cover the land with a colourful carpet each year from July to September.

Coastal towns along the Cape coastline offer tourists scenic beauty, tranquility and rest.

Share your love for Cape Town and South Africa with others by becoming a tourist guide. "Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us or we find it not." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

“I want to thank you for the interesting course, the theory is great but to see what was taught in practice is the best. I thoroughly enjoyed our 4 tours including the walking tour of Cape Town. The most interesting aspect for me is how valuable Recce’s are, having been to a route prepares you best for guiding a group. ”
Erwin Wertwijn,  Tourist Guide Course  January 2024

“No need to know or love History as this course will completely blow your mind and peek your interest throughout, appreciating our country’s History  as well as understanding our culture and its people better. ”
Martie Sealie, Tourist Guide Course  January 2024

“This course was outstanding – hard to imagine how they could have taught us more. Masses of information and training in a short while. Training materials and lectures were very comprehensive and interesting. The course equips you very well to become a tourist guide. ”
Lesley Paterson, Tourist Guide Course  January 2024

“I highly recommend Scott and Julie’s Tour Guiding course, from TGI. The course exceeded my expectations, very informative and well-structured theory and practical components. Scott and Julie are extremely professional and organised. A wonderful informative experience! Met great people on the course too. A big thank you Scott and Julie! Arrivederci.”
Giuliana, Tourist Guide Course  January 2024

“The course is intense it covers a lot of Information that is required to be a GREAT Tourist Guide. It is professionally put together with lots of support. It gives a positive overview of our beautiful country as Tourist Guides are our country’s ambassadors. This is such an amazing adventure to be part of. I am learning so much about our country & myself. Scott & Julie, THANK YOU for sharing your GIFT. ”
Anil Jason Rinquest, Tourist Guide Course  October 2023

“To anyone out there who would like to acquire the knowledge and techniques of guiding, I would recommend (and already have) Tourist Guide Institute as it is definitely the place. The team is experienced and friendly and they guide you through the entire process. ”
Rodrique Kemajou, Tourist Guide Course  October 2023

“The online course was well paced (6 – 8 weeks) and packed with information and interesting stories. I enjoyed the video presentations that were well-structured with relevant information, dates and history. I would recommend this course to anyone with an interest in South Africa and the passion to be a guide. ”
TGI student, Tourist Guide Course  October 2023

“Wow! I was totally blown away by the professionalism, care of students and slickness of the TGI course. Scott and Julie’s experience and knowledge of the toursim industry is invaluable and I highly recommend this course. ”
Charlton Andrews, Tourist Guide Course  October 2023

“Thorough and comprehensive information. Dedicated and hard working team. Julie and Scott will make sure you get through and are qualified. I am glad I chose you. ”
Natalie Bossi, Tourist Guide Course  August 2023

“Do not look at other suppliers – TGI is the most reputable and knowledgeable course. It is intense and demanding, but if you think you know the Western Cape, then think again! I loved the joy ride! ”
TGI student, Tourist Guide Course  August 2023

“TGI stays up to date with the latest industry laws, changes and admin procedures. ”
TGI student, Tourist Guide Course August 2023

“The course was very helpful and well presented with loads of personal experiences shared. It will be very benificial for me and others to do. Thank you team. ”
Tony Winslow, Tourist Guide Eastern Cape Course  June 2023

“I would highly recommend this course – excellent service. The lecturers have alot of knowledge and alot of patience. ”
Kyle Sarrahwitz, Tourist Guide Eastern Cape Course  June 2023

“The course was thoroughly researched and professionally presented. I would highly recommend if not only to tour operators and tourist guides, but also to anyone wanting to increase their knowledge of the beautiful country we live in. ”
Sabrina Agar, Tourist Guide Course  May 2023

“It is so refreshing to go through this course. I personally think that we as registered guides should do this course every 5 or 10 years. ”
TGI student, Tourist Guide Course  May 2023

“I want to take a moment to express my heartfelt gratitude for your kind words and acknowledgement of my efforts in my written assignments. Your email truly made my day! I am thrilled to hear that my hard work and dedication has paid off, and that my projects are now completed.

Your support and guidance throughout this course has been invaluable, and I am grateful for the opportunity to have experienced this course. I am also excited for about the prospects of guiding and can’t wait to register with the DEDAT as soon as possible.

Once again, thank you for your kind words and support. It has been an honour to work with you and Julie, and I look forward to crossing paths with you again in future and wish you both continued success in your business.”
Danchwa Cloete, Tourist Guide Course January  2023


“If you want to learn the ropes of tourist guiding and dive into the wonderful History and Geography of this beautiful country, this is the place and the space to be! Thank you Scott, Julie and Pieter. Thanks on behalf of my family and friends who will be visiting South Africa and profiting from the lifelong tools you have equipped me with. See you out there in the field!”
Peter Campbell, Tourist Guide Course  January 2023


“Absolutely amazing course, well explained and facilitated. I shall highly recommend TGI to whomever wants to become a tourist guide. Scott and Julie are awesome, fun and very informative. Thank you for everything!”
Kyle Arntzen, Tourist Guide Course  October 2022


“This course is a comprehensive and instructional overview of the Western Cape. Highly recommend to anyone who requires integration, knowledge and practical approach to tour guiding antwhere.”
Lee-Ann Chain, Tourist Guide Course  October 2022


“The course was seriously informative. It was an absolute pleasure interacting with my fellow learners, a brilliant driver from Protours as well as Scott and Julie. I really enjoyed the course content and manner in which it was presented.”
TGI student, Tourist Guide Course  August 2022


“Good mix of theory and practical equiping for real work outcome. Lots of practical skills transferred, good networking and industry preparation. Highly recommend! ”
Johann Gerber, Tourist Guide Course  August 2022


“The TGI website and online material is amazing – so neat and extremely professional. There is a flow and material is well organised. Loved this course. Thanks Scott and Julie! ”
Bhirdev Jeaven, Tourist Guide Course  August 2022


“The tourist guiding course has been fantastic in every aspect. I did the online version and got to know some great people on the practical tours. Scott and Julie are professional, approachable, knowledgeable and lovely people. They have equipped me with the tools and some solid confidence to head off into the exciting world of South African tourism. ”
Justin de Klerk, Tourist Guide Course  May 2022


“Brilliant, brilliant course. It was a priviledge to be part of the TGI team. Lots of work and knowledge imparted thoughly to the students. Thanks guys ”
Martin Kelsey, Tourist Guide Course  May 2022


“I started this course with no background in running a business but by the end of it I feel confident enough to start my own tour operating business. The course is logically laid out and even covers topics like tax, VAT and insurance. Scott is a goldmine of information and he was always available to answer all my questions. The course is also very good value for money as I feel I got much more out of it than what I paid for it. If you’re considering starting your own Tour Operating Business do this course! You won’t regret it. ”
Laurence Baumgardt, Tour Operator Course  2022


“A very indepth course. Covers all that you need to know to welcome a guide in the Western Cape. Scott and Julie are both extremely knowledgeable. ”
Guy Brunskill, Online Course March 2022


“Welcoming and kind, whilst being just as much of a challenge as you could expect or require. TGI casually helps make your dreams come true if you’ve imagined yourself as an ambassador at the airport. ”
Cameron Peters, Online Course March 2022


“From the moment I started watching the online training videos I could see that Scott and Julie are natural teachers and works well as a team. They have a passion for what they do and you can see that come through during the practical training week. I was initially very nervous but their couching and enthusiasm motivated us and in the end I did not want the practical week to stop! It was a real highlight for me. Throughout the process Scott was (and still is) available for any questions I might have had and he really takes the time to reply in detail. Overall I give the TGI Tourist Guide Course a big thumbs-up. ”
Laurence Baumgardt, Online Course October 2021


“No matter your age or background, if you are interested in getting involved in tourism and becoming a tourist guide, you will not regret doing this course. It is fantastic! ”
Lloyd Gluckman, Online Course October 2021


“Excellent training to be a tourist guide. Practical training was excellent and was fun doing it with other students. Scott and Julie go out of their way to help their students! ”
Liezel Fourie, Online Course October 2021


“Scott and Julie have done a phenomenal job in putting this course togethe, in guiding us through the administration nightmare and in presenting the course. It is absolute worth the costs. ”
Stephan Kirsten, Online Course October 2021


“I highly recommend this course with TGI. The course was well structured. Any questions you might have, would already have been answered in advance. Scott and Julie are brilliant people, very approachable, helpful and experts in their field. Absolute value for money! ”
Amelia Meakin, Online Course October 2021


“I have been contemplating starting my own TO business for quite some time – in fact I have even arranged a number of tours already. However, there is always uncertainty about a number of topics when starting a new venture and finding the correct information and assistance is a challenge. Having completed this course has given me the confidence to go ahead with my plans. It has provided me with the information and understanding needed to take into account all the various legal and practical aspects involved with setting up a TO business. Even though I was not certain whether I should do the course, I can say with confidence that I am glad I did. I have benefited tremendously from doing it and I am very grateful for the support and feedback I received from the course presenters throughout the process. “
Rainer Grötsch, Tour Operator Course 2021


“Julie and Scott are professional, very good communicators and conduct a course that is well-designed. I will recommend them and their high standard. Well done to them. ”
Abraham Bezuidenhout, Online Course March 2021


“Well set out, organised and professional. Not easy to do online, but videos very good and informative. Learnt a lot about Cape Town! Well worth doing the course. ”
TGI student, Online Course March 2021


“Data and network in some parts of the country are a problem. One can not work without data or if offline due to load shedding. ”
TGI student, Online Course March 2021

TGI appreciates this comment. We do realize that to do an online course one needs access to good internet connection and plenty of data. This is why we also offer face to face courses to assist those who have this problem.

“TGI goes into in-depth research about our beautiful country. I could not recommend them enough. The professionalism, experience, fun and organization that Julie and Scott bring is truly world class. ”
TGI student, Online Course 2020


“I highly recommend this course as you get far more out of it than just a certificate! The extra effort and information that is given really adds onto what one could offer as a guide. ”
TGI student, Online Course 2020


“I really enjoyed the course. It was very thorough, well put together and definitely worthwhile. I learnt a lot, one thinks it should be common sense, but there is so much to learn. Thank you so much. ”
Brett Alfero, February Part Time Course 2020


“It was a privilege to be accepted into this program. It opened my inquisitive mind to information that will be helpful on this new journey. I gained so much respect for all the tourist guides out there. With my new knowledge, I am excited for my future as a tourist guide. ”
TGI student, January Course 2020


“I would do this course again. Great course by two teachers who have the experience. Unfortunately, my children are too young for the course, as I would love them to do it for knowledge and experience. Thank you so much! ”
TGI student, January Course 2020


“The course was worth every penny. I may add that all the knowledge imparted; the excellent lecturers; the specialized lecturers and guides who were contracted for specialised activities; the practicals etc and it will all amount to many times the value of the cost of the course. ”
TGI student, October Course 2019


“Great course with relevant tips and information and sufficient practical times, not just theory. Very well organized and well planned. ”
Janine Olivier, October Course 2019


“The course was informative and very tolerant and patient regarding the needs of the class. I would recommend TGI to future potential students. ”
TGI student, October Course 2019


“I feel well equipped to tackle what lies ahead. I can absolutely recommend TGI, a relevant, interesting and professional course. Great balance of theory and practical.”
Daniel Maremane, August Part Time Course 2019


“Absolutely brilliant course. I have learnt so much and will most certainly be putting it into practice. I highly recommend TGI. If you want a career as a guide, then look nu further.”
Darry Cuff, August Part Time Course 2019


“This course far exceeded my expectations. At the beginning it was hard to keep up with the rhythm of the dynamic trainers, Julie and Scott, but soon we were all on track ready to do our best. If I had to give the course a mark, I would say ‘Outstanding 10/10’. It was so professional (university level or even better).

The course was delivered : focused, organized, productively and efficiently and we, students, had to respond accordingly. Every single detail was taken into account and required, from punctuality to professional dressing as guides. 

The classroom was just perfect: silent, warm (in winter), with sunlight, comfortable chairs and large desks to spread our thick manuals and notes. We were offered tea/coffee and biscuits at morning and afternoon breaks which was so rewarding after each intense lesson.

The full day training excursions including some wine tasting farms, were a bonus. Even when you think you have already seen most of Cape Town, there is so much more to discover from the experts. Julie and Scott are passionate about sharing their knowledge and their enthusiasm is contagious.

The 2 week course was nothing but remarkable. Now we are heading into 5 weeks of self study before the final exam. I would recommend this course not only to those with tourist guiding in mind, but also to everyone with an interest in tourism and Cape Town.

And last but not least, all the new contacts and friends I have made, who are in the same industry and share the same passion for Cape Town and South Africa – thank you.”
Patricia Segovia, July Course 2019


“Thank you so much for a fantastic, comprehensive course – you brought the history of our beautiful country to life and brightened the colours of the rainbow of our nation by adding so much to our cultural understanding of our diversity.”
Caroline Gabb, July Course 2019


“I recommend everyone should do this course, if you want to work in tourism it is a must. If you are not sure, you can still use your new knowledge and skills to impress your family and friends. Plus you meet great people and go to amazing places.”
Nicolas Gareth Tyler Moreno, July Course 2019


“A very intense, informative and loaded course. I must say that nothing is too much to ask as Scott and Julie go out of their way, to show their students as much as possible in a very short period of time. Thank you so much!”
TGI Student, July Course 2019


“The most practical and informative course of its kind, with follow up and back up as a natural part of the whole course. TGI is the best tourist guide training company on the market.”
TGI Student, May Course 2019


Professional selection of guides made each trip/lecture fun, interactive and extremely informative. They also tried their best to give you every angle of guiding in the Cape. Truly loved the course.
Jeremy Culverwell, May Course 2019


“Scott and Julie’s enthusiasm, knowledge and experience is highly appreciated. Completing this course has given me the tools and confidence to change my career into something I love – tourism.”
Leanne Beattie, May Course 2019


“Great course! Worth the time and money. Learnt a lot about what is on the doorstep of our beautiful city and the surrounding regions.”
Owen Long, February Part Time Course 2019


“The tourist guide training at TGI was life changing. This course opened my eyes to a whole new way of appreciating our beautiful city. All I want to do now is show it off to the world. The facilitators were extremely informative. I highly recommend TGI. Well done guys and thank you.”
TGI student, February Part Time Course 2019


“Great practical insights on this course on how to be a tourist guide and tour operator. The trip excursions were great and made the subjects alive”
Dalton Gibbs, February Part Time Course 2019


This year I started off my year by enrolling at TGI to fulfil a lifelong wish of becoming a tourist guide in South Africa. I have spent most of my working life in tourism working as a tour leader in the Middle East for many years and now as a cruise director on luxury river ships in Europe. Through all these years I have developed a relationship with tourist guides from all over the world.

TGI exceeded my expectations in every way, in a way that only dedicated passionate people can deliver. Despite having many years of experience, I learned so many new things and was greatly impressed by the way they handle the course. The wine certificate was just one of those extra touches they deliver and was tremendously fun and educational at the same time.

Bravo to Julie and Scott and all the lecturers that deliver interesting content throughout the course!! I would highly recommend TGI to anyone who wants to start guiding. Many, many thanks!!
Anthony Bank, January Course 2019


“I really enjoyed the course. I found it a very intense course, but I guess that’s why I learnt so much. I could not imagine the course with less information. Both theory and practical very well balanced. I highly recommend it.”
Eugene Bendel, January Course 2019


“I would highly recommend taking the TGI tourist guide course. As well as being extremely professionally run and informative, it is also very good fun and entertaining. I learnt a massive amount about both myself, my country and my city. I am looking forward to a new career in my twilight years.”
TGI student, January Course 2019


“Julie and Scott are so amazing and so professional and organized. My mouth is still hanging open about all the extra touches that they added to our classes and tours. We really appreciate it and I have learnt so much! By just watching you both on the bus and in class is exciting. Thanks a million for all your effort and kindness. Julie and Scott are both fantastic and all of us were blessed to be in their class.”
Hilda O’Connell, October Course 2018


“TGI is a great institute to learn how to be a good tourist guide. TGI made ever effort to make the course excellent. All the information that was given was excellent. I recommend TGI highly”
Ali Coskuner, October Course 2018


“I found this course to be filled with lots of necessary information. It was professionally presented with passion, humor and experience. Thoroughly enjoyed the course. Loved and appreciated all the lecturers/guides with their individual humor and years of experience.”
TGI student, October  Course 2018


“It was an amazing, informative course that I could recommend to anybody who wishes to get into the tourism industry.”
Leon Cronje, October Course 2018


“I chose this course because I was available for the course dates, but I really got more than I bargained for. All the presenters were very knowledgeable and the ‘inside tips’ will definitely come in handy. I enjoyed the course very much!”
TGI student, July Course 2018


“I cannot recommend this experience enough. From start to finish – excellent venue, teachers, practicals, content and administration. I feel extremely well briefed and well equipped. THANK YOU! ”
Aldo Brincat, July Course 2018


“The breadth of the course was excellent and covered a range of subjects that enabled you to learn much while being challenged. The course has the ability to enable you to look at things in a new way where you might previously overlook them. ”
Anthony Hartman, July Course 2018


“Tourist Guide Institute – well run in every way. I have been to many lectures in my life, but have never been so impressed. I doubt that there are any other service providers that can match Julie and Scott. ”
TGI student, May Course 2018


“I would recommend this course to everybody who wants to know more about South Africa. The learning is fun and the lectures are well-prepared. One week of tours included in the course price, is the cheapest tour you can get in Cape Town and you learn alot. ”
Veronika Knihova, May Course 2018


“Highly recommended! TGI course provides great theory and practical information. It paints a wonderful picture of a wonderful country and provides great understanding of SA history and how our country grew over the centuries. ”
TGI student, May Course 2018


“The training provided by TGI exceeded my expectations. It prepared me not only for guiding, but also for starting a business. Scott and Julie are passionate about the tourism industry. ”
TGI student, February Part Time Course 2018


“I had hoped that with TGI I would learn the skills involved with tourist guiding, as well as improve my knowledge of the Western Cape. I did both of these – whilst having fun, great laughs and making friends along the way. Thank you Scott and Julie. ”
TGI student, January 2018


“When I first heard about the course programme, I was extremely overwhelmed with the outcomes. However, the tasks and practical lessons have made me confident, equipped and excited for my future. I would highly recommend TGI as this course will give you the key skills and knowledge that is needed for success. Thank you TGI & class of Jan 2018. ”
TGI student, January 2018


“THANK YOU FOR AN EXCELLENT COURSE! You were both caring, respectful and considerate of each student. Scott, I was touched by the manner in which you wanted the best for me and would give me suggestions relevant to my situation. Both of you were positive and upbeat even though I can imagine you had challenges and tiredness to deal with.

I found it good that you involved other people to come and talk about topics such as Bokaap, Table Mountain, Wine, even if you could have covered the topics well at less costs to yourselves. Once again, your integrity and wish to benefit your students is evident in this. Your years of experience, wide knowledge base and love for tourist guiding inspired and benefited us. You have put together a very good and pedagogically good course.

I have learned much about the Western Cape and your course and the presenters have inspired me to explore the many places and aspects of this beautiful and interesting part of the world.”
Sam Olsen, October 2017


“The TGI course provides an excellent foundation to enter the exciting world of Tourist Guiding. The format was a perfect balance between theory and practical application. Scott and Julie’s passion and knowledge are infectious and they are a wonderful repository of experience. The course surpassed my expectations. ”
Iqram Bux, October 2017


“A fantastic course and excellent value for money. The perfect balance of theory and practical. Scott and Julie are supportive and inclusive and have a thorough knowledge of the industry. As a non-South African, I found it invaluable and have gained valuable subject knowledge of the industry and Cape Town.”
Craig Lewis, October 2017


“The TGI course exceeded my expectations! What a wonderful course to do whether you are going into full time tourist guiding or just for interest in our beautiful Cape Town. Lecturers were incredibly knowledgeable, course material wonderfully full of information and the days out touring on the bus full of knowledge and fun. Thank you Scott and Julie! ”
Bianca Skinner, October 2017


“The TGI course was an enriching experience. Lectures by both Scott and Julie were not only informative, but kindled my interest and motivated further research into our fascinating country. Remarkably, all guest presenters and guides had something special about them, notably Richard the township guide. Although we were an incredibly diverse group of people, Julie magically crafted a singular team spirit. Where judgement remains all too frequent a feature of our society, Julie and Scott presented it as it is. That is the professionalism I aspire to as a tourist guide.”
Manfred Hasewinkel, July 2017


“I would HIGHLY recommend the course for not only has it great content which was clearly lectured, it is also fun and so well organised. Plus Julie and Scott magically made the whole group feel like a great team, enhancing individual uniqueness and engaging networking and interest for each other. Thanks so much!”
Linda Anderson, July 2017


“I was so impressed how much we learnt in 2 weeks! I absolutely loved every step of the way. Thank you so much to Julie and Scott for your fantastic work and to have shared your knowledge. I highly recommend TGI for all new future tourist guides. Amazing! Thank you for all the other guide/lecturers that also made the course even more interesting.”
Tourist guide student, July 2017


“Highly recommended! Julie and Scott are a wealth of knowledge and both very likeable. Scott’s History lesson was very informative. Julie is calm, speaks clearly and is very methodical. Met some amazing people along the way too!”
Kurt Krause, July 2017


“This course made me love tourism more with all the facts, History and Geography. I’m glad I chose TGI. I thought I knew Cape Town, but I was wrong as TGI taught me a lot more.”
Thandiwe Mthombo, May 2017


“I had done research into the many institutes before choosing TGI. I loved the warmth, modesty and profession mannerisms of all the lecturers. I think the staff of TGI really cares about what they do and they have a passion for the industry.”
Shiraj Hoosain, May 2017


“This course will change your perception about Cape Town. I loved it and got me so excited to pursue a career in tourism and tourist guiding. Do it as you won’t regret it! ”
Jonathan Lechtman, May 2017


“Excellent course with dedicated lecturers. This course handles  all the specifications of being a tourist guide and tour operator. You also get to experience several tours for yourself and practise the techniques learnt in class”
Tourist guide student, May 2017


“I would really recommend TGI as it opened up a whole new beginning for me. Everyone was kind and helpful and I learnt a lot during the course. Keep up the great work Julie and Scott!”
Lisa Groenewald, February Part Time 2017


“Short course with sufficient information to build on as a new guide that is just starting out. Sites we visited were really interesting.”
Afroz, February Part Time 2017


“I would truly suggest the Tourist Guide Institute to friends and family. I am from Gauteng and have learnt so much about Cape Town and its history. Very interesting course material and content.”
Tourist Guide Student, February Part Time 2017


“The pace was fast but there is a wealth of information covered. All my expectations were met and more. If you are serious about becoming a guide, don’t even think of another provider – go straight to TGI. Well worth it!”
Ronel Theron, February 2017


“The pace was fast but there is a wealth of information covered. All my expectations were met and more. If you are serious about becoming a guide, don’t even think of another provider – go straight to TGI. Well worth it!”
Ronel Theron, February 2017


“Thank you for a wonderful course which exceeded my expectations. I now feel well-equipped for what lies ahead.”
Tourist Guide Student, February 2017


“The amount of information packed into a two week course is truly remarkable. Julie and Scott were absolutely experts in the field and were a pleasure to work with from administration, to facilitation and lecturing. I am highly impressed, thank you so much.”
Pasqual Bisogno, October 2016


“This is such an awesome course and I would recommend this institute to everybody wanting to do a tourist guide course. It was informative, easy and fun way of learning. Thank you to all the people helping me with something I love doing, seeing my country”
Robert Marthinus, October 2016


“I chose TGI based on their website. It was great that they have all the important information very clearly set out and easy to find. The course and contact far exceeded my expectations. I learnt much more than I had hoped for.”
Ansie de Wet, October 2016


“I thoroughly enjoyed the course with Scott and Julie and can honestly say that the experience and knowledge the two of them bring to the classroom is impressive. Not only knowledgeable, but lots of fun and a great group dynamic.”
Karina Esterhuizen, October 2016


“I can absolutely recommend TGI. A very relevant, interesting and professional course. Very good balance between theory and practice.”
Tourist Guide Student, September 2016


“For all those aspiring to become tourist guides, this is a great institution to learn all about it. It was an eye opener for us to see the greater Cape Town especially those things we take for granted.”
Tourist Guide Student, September 2016


“Excellent course, great lecturers and guides making us understand the content of the course and how important the course is. I am so happy with Julie and Scott – awesome course.”
Tourist Guide Student, September 2016


“I wanted to take  this opportunity to thank you both sincerely for the course thus far. I have been nothing but impressed with both of your levels of devotion, energy, knowledge and friendliness. I absolutely loved the classes conducted especially by both of you, but also the well selected peers that you chose for some of the specialist modules; all outstanding. I realise what makes the difference between you two and any other course instructors: your teaching backgrounds!

I count my lucky stars that TGI came up first on the web search when I decided to do the course (no accident I am sure!). An associate of mine recommended another service provider and whilst I have no doubt that they are good, I cannot believe that they can be better than a husband and wife former teacher team so dedicated to their craft and trade. You’re a great and complimentary combination and we are fortunate to have been under your tutorship. If anybody, including myself, doesn’t make it it will be entirely our faults because the tutors and material are first class.

Thank you both again. You have been amazing and inspiring and I will continue to recommend TGI to any one who asks where I trained or whom they might approach for training. I hope to do justice to your efforts in the future and become a good example of the calibre of guides that TGI produces.”
David Steyn, July/August 2016


“Hard to fault! Excellent facilitators, communication before and during the course, outstanding lecturers, excellent course information. Congratulations to Scott and Julie for running such a professional course. You are true ambassadors and flag bearers for the tourism industry!”
Tourist Guide Student, July/August 2016


“I would recommend this course to anyone that wants to do tourism. It has been such a great experience and fun. Scott and Julie have really been fantastic throughout the whole course and I’d love to stay in contact. I have really enjoyed this amazing course. Thank you so much. You guys are the best!”
JJ Buekes, July/August 2016


“Scott and Julie run a professional and fun course. Their years of guiding experience shine throughout both the practical and theory course work. I would confidently recommend them and their learning programme.”
Tourist Guide Student, June 2016


“Way beyond my expectations! An in-depth course with specialist lecturers and practical training. Highly recommend”
Peter Krainhofner, June 2016


“Competent, experienced lecturers present a comprehensive, theoretical and practical guide training with very good guest lecturers. I recommend this thorough, professional and enjoyable course to all considering such a career.”
Ruth Kay, June 2016


“The course not only equips you for the tourism industry, it also gives you a rich and refreshing appreciation of our country’s history and how we became this wonderful country that Desmond Tutu calls the ‘Rainbow Nation’.”
Tourist Guide Student, April 2016


“If you can put 2 weeks of your life aside and then time to do assignments, it is better than a holiday. I learnt more computer skills as well, met wonderful new friends and the lecturers were great. Thank you Scott and the rest of the team.”
Jane Verster-Cohen, April 2016


“When signing up for the part-time course, I did not know what to expect. From day 1 I was pleasantly surprised and impressed by all the lecturers/facilitators in conducting the course. They are full of knowledge, advice, practical tips and guidance throughout the course. I highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to make their dream a reality. Big thank you to Scott, Julie and Kirsty for their amazing efforts in making this a memorable course.”
Regardt Hennop, February Part Time Course 2016


“I’ve never been on any course, where I have enjoyed every single moment and all aspects of it. I highly recommend this course to anyone of all ages. Absolutely fantastic!”
Andre Claassen, February Part Time Course 2016


“The course is excellent and made me feel alive with more knowledge. Thanks for giving me the opportunity.”
Zhilan (Jenny) Chiang, February 2016


“TGI was a great experience. Very knowledgeable teachers with humour, but very high standards too. The course is not a walk in the park, but will make your life richer. If you intend to become a tourist guide, go to TGI for training as you won’t regret it!”
Steven van Hoof, February 2016


“At the beginning of the course, I didn’t plan to be a tourist guide. I just wanted to get to know Cape Town and its environment, but the enthusiasm of Scott and Julie has captured me and now I am challenged as I now want to be a tourist guide.”
Kathleen Aerts, February 2016


“This was a fast paced, fully packed 10 days with a great balance of classroom lecturers and fieldwork learning in an informative, highly professional and well humoured way. Highly recommended.”
Tourist Guide student, February 2016


“I can recommend TGI wholeheartedly. Comprehensive notes, competent and interesting lecturers and guides. Strong practical aspect also included. ”
Steve Kipps, February 2016


“Professional lecturers in all areas of the course. I don’t know how you could manage 24 students all the time with different cultures, nationalities and ideas! I would for sure recommend this course because we also had fun and we made new friends and maybe future business partners. Thanks for sharing your knowledge. ”
Greta Guatri, February 2016


“This is an excellent opportunity to get to know your own town and surrounding by doing this site guide course. It opens your eyes to new buildings, sites and other opportunities around you.”
Tourist Guide student, November in Knysna 2015


“This course is amazing. The facilitators are very professional, informative and very helpful. I have learnt so much and look forward to proceeding to the next level.”
Tamara Best, November in Knysna 2015


“Our facilitators were fun and friendly and made us feel welcome from the start. Amazing how much we were able to learn in just 3 days. I cannot wait to learn more. Thank you.”
Tourist Guide student, November in Knysna 2015


“I found the course to be comprehensive with an optimal balance between theoretical and practical training, which provided a total immerse experience. Julie and Scott’s professionalism, experience and tuition background shone through in the presentations and administration of the course.”
Julian Grunewald, October 2015


“What a wealth of info and training we have received about our country and the tourism industry. The course was professionally done and well worth it. Thanks to Julie and Scott and the other lecturers involved. Great course!”
Tourist Guide student, October 2015


“I attended this course even though my first language is French. I highly recommend TGI. The fees that I paid compared to what I experienced and TGI equipped me with, are not comparable. The fees were so cheap.”
Elben Makabo, October 2015


“I really enjoyed the last two weeks. I have learnt a great amount and I feel comfortable to go out there and rock the industry. I have also loved meeting such interesting people within the group – overall a great experience!”
Tourist Guide student, October 2015


“Julie and Scott are experienced and knowledgeable tour operators/tourist guides. They have offered a wealth of knowledge and have freely shared invaluable guiding experience in an effort to equip us for the challenging, yet enjoyable vocation of guiding. We hope to became good ambassadors of Cape Town, the Western Cape and in fact the whole of South Africa, offering tourists of our country a truly memorable holiday experience. ”
Tourist Guide student, August 2015


“So happy to have done this course. I love my country even more and so much still to learn. Very professional and class size was very comfortable.”
Tourist Guide student, August 2015


“Extremely great value for money. Very comprehensive and great examples of professionalism, but at the same time adding lots and lots of laughter with humour and the absolute best and fun practical activities. Thanks a million! ”
Tourist Guide student, August 2015


“Highly recommended. The course covers more than what you need to start in the guiding industry! Great value for money!”
Tourist  Guide student, August 2015


“The course was a thoroughly comprehensive combo of theory and practical. Excellent training.”
Stephanie Clarke, August 2015


“The course exceeded my expectations on all levels. Julie and Scott’s experience, knowledge and passion drives this fast paced, exciting, challenging and fun course. I wish I had done the course earlier. Thank you!”
Melinda Woodhead, July 2015


“I have been amazed by this course and my expectations have been exceeded!  Scott and Julie provide a course that gives a really solid background and practical experience in tourist guiding. Theu are passionate about this and I have come from being someone with a hazy view of guiding and what it entails to having a good understanding and definitely wanting this to be my future career. And it is so cheap for what you get!! (I really think they should increase the course price.)”
Lorna McEwan, July 2015


“I am so glad that I was part of this group. I really enjoyed learning from all the students and lecturers. It has been such an amazing time and everything I have learnt from each one has so much wisdom. You are all incredible people. Words could never express what an experience it has been to be with you all. Thank you for reminding me what a wonderful country we have here. I’m infinitely inspired by you all.”
Xolile Mateza, July 2015


“I thank Scott and Julie very much for their professionalism and granting me the opportunity to do the course. They were very humble and always with a helping hand to me whenever I needed it.”
Mujahid Arai, July 2015


“Julie and Scott are excellent, lots of info, but no room for getting lost at all as they make sure everyone understands every detail. You are very special.”
Retha van der Kolff, July 2015


“My company chose Tourist Guide Institute to train me as a tourist guide and now I see why they did as TGI are excellent. I experienced a lot of information, friendly lecturers. I shall tell a lot of people to come to this Institute.”
Tourist guide student, July 2015


“Outstanding teachers! Learnt so much about the Western Cape in a two week course. Great value for money.”
Tourist guide student, July 2015


“This husband and wife team are really awesome with their educational knowledge and people skills, handling each individual in such a professional way.”
Marcelle Whatney, July 2015


“With the course offered at TGI, they really grab your hand and ‘guide’ you through the process of going from being the average Joe to becoming a professional tourist guide.”
Sebastian Thielemann , July 2015


“This course can be a career changer. It is an eye opener and the knowledge shared and gained is worth every cent spent. I would recommend this course at all times.”
Inge Kritzinger, June Part Time Course 2015


“Excellent starting point to understanding the industry. TGI is professional and encouraging as an institution. most importantly, they are true subject matter experts so rest assured you are in safe hands!”
CJ Gardelli, June Part Time Course 2015


“I would just like to thank the both of you for the amazing opportunity to have studied through your company. Your passion and professionalism was inspiring and the love in what you both do is very evident. It has been an absolute pleasure to have spent time with you guys and I wish you all of God’s richest blessings for your lives.”
Steven Barnard, May 2015


“An excellent, fun filled, well presented learning experience. Thank you for imparting your knowledge, experience and passion to us.”
 Tourist guide student, May 2015


“This course has exceeded all my expectations. It is worth every cent and if potential students knew what TGI has to offer, they would not consider and other course providers. Brilliant!”
 Tourist guide student, May 2015


“I recommend this course to anyone who wants to take on tourist guiding. It was a memorable, uplifting and educational as well as very stimulating. Great people and a great course!”
 Geoff Olivier, March 2015


“Wonderful experience, met wonderful people and had an amazing time. I learnt a lot, experienced even more and am motivated to make guiding tourists a fun-filled, exceptional South African journey.”
Tourist Guide Student, March 2015


“Very well run and inclusive course with professional and well-presented lecturers.”
Clive Rossouw, March 2015


“The course is an eye opener. Lots to learn and afterwards you value the things you have in your country”
Tourist Guide Student, March 2015


“I just wanted to send you a short note to thank you for the fantastic two weeks. The course was great and I enjoyed learning so much about our wonderful city and area.
The course was put together very professionally and for me had the right mix of class room work and excursions. The other guest lectures were great and presented with a lot of passion for their subject.”
Friedrich Schaefer, March 2015


“The Womacks have the most professional way of educating all types of people, catering for all nations of the world, making sure that everyone’s education is priceless.”
William Roldy, October 2014


” From start to finish my dealings with Tourist Guide Institute were out of the top drawer – 100% professional. Many thanks,”
Lindsay Grier, October 2014


“This was a very professional, caring and well run course. Julie and Scott compliment each other well and form a formidable team. The participants were diverse in age, background and experience which added to the enjoyment. It is however a very intensive course and needs to be taken seriously.”
Tourist Guide Student, October 2014


” I highly recommend the course with TGI because they value the outcomes, are passionate and give us the courage to succeed beyond the course. I never felt alone during the course and I believe I will always have the support of everyone I met on the course especially Scott and Julie.”
Peggy Mongoato, October 2014 


“Scott and Julie make you feel excited and confident about your journey to become a tourist guide. I would recommend TGI to all future tourist guides out there.”
Tourist Guide Student, August 2014


“The course was enlightening and empowered me to enjoy my environment and country on a much deeper level.”
Sari Rousseau, August 2014 


“I was excited and thankful when I received confirmation from you that I was accepted to the Tourist Guide Course (Cultural site tour Guide  level 4) that ran during July- August 2014. I am writing now to thank you for an exceptionally well presented course, that was enjoyable, stimulating, and eye opening.

In my opinion Tourist Guide Institute scores five stars out of a maximum five for the course. I expand my opinion on just a few elements of the course, so that you can have a flavour of where that perfect score comes from.

Course Content
The course content covered everything from the administrative aspects of being a good tour guide, the ethics of guiding, the business aspects, the safety aspects, the role that the guides personality plays in the client experience and above all, an excellent range of information about everything that the Cape Town and its surroundings offer visitors.

What I particularly appreciated was the fact that you encouraged your students throughout the course to explore the information in terms of whose perspective the information were constructed, and to lay that bare to the visitors. This means that the students that come through your hands are trained to open different and overlapping windows of understandings to visitors rather than just offering clients information that are seen from one perspective.

Teaching method
The combination of class room based teaching, and field trip based teaching methods are well tested, and you obviously have lots of experience in using these methods well. What I think is exceptional about your class room based teaching, is that you make sure that you communicate clearly so that also those students who do not have English mother tongue, fully participate in the learning process.

Your field based teaching method was just mind blowing. The students were treated as they would need to treat the tourists. When you (Julie) shared information, you spoke like you would to tourists. You held our attention by your conversation like teaching methods. You were interesting, we were relaxed, and to me it did not feel like we were hard at work students. We were enjoying  and learning from the field trip.

When I wrote the formal and on-line exam as well as the unit standards, I was amazed to realize that almost everything that you  spoke of in conversation, were  examined. The course is intensive, lots of information, lots of practice and very little time. You wasted no time. Every part of the course, including the fun parts, had a purpose. There was nothing in the exam that we did not cover in some way. You also made sure that all of us knew how to look up information, so that we could continue expanding our information base. That was great too.

You  knew how to pitch the course so that people from various educational backgrounds could get a glimpse into how to pitch a tour for the “average” tourist. Of course, there is no such thing as the average tourist. You know that I prefer to tailor a tour as far as possible to what the particular visitor would enjoy. What you gave me by pitching the course the way you did, was a starting point. Where do I start my communication process with people who I know very little about. From there of course, it becomes easier to shape and reshape a tour experience to suit a visitor’s preferences.
To sum up, the course delivery was impeccable.

Your attitude towards your students, and others was professional, polite, and sometimes fun.  Always honest. A good example for students who will be working closely with people.

From the beginning, students knew what was expected from them, what the deadlines were and what the consequences are if deadlines were not met. There was therefore no excuse for not meeting deadlines. Yet, you were flexible in at least one case where a student had to postpone working on her unit standards because of personal reasons totally beyond her control. You did have your boundaries, and that is as it should be. Yet, you have not once add more “stress” to an already “stressed” situation. You managed it excellently. Thank you.

You are both busy professionals, yet you were available to students who needed advice after hours as well (not just about the course work, but also about how to access lifts to and from the training venue).”
Zulaiga Worth, July 2014


“I absolutely recommend to anyone interested in becoming a tourist guide to get their qualifications from Tourist Guide Institute.

My expectations far exceeded on all levels. I was absolutely blown away by the professionalism and passion Scott and Julie conveyed. All the lecturers and external tourist guides were excellently chosen. The itinerary was suitable, exciting and educational in my opinion.

This course was absolutely great value for money and there were no additional hidden costs. So if you don’t want to just be an average tourist guide, but rather a great and successful tourist guide, don’t think twice and choose Tourist Guide Institute.”
Tourist Guide Student, July 2014


“The course far exceeded all my expectations, both theoretically and practically. I learnt very practical and valuable guiding skills. Julie has a passion for guiding and teaching that makes the course interesting and exciting. I am so thankful I chose Tourist Guide Institute for my guiding course.”
Lorna Romer, July 2014


“An excellent, well run, knowledge-packed, fun-filled course. Loved every minute of it and would highly recommend.”
Yvette Kramer, July 2014


“The way you guy’s ran and organized the course was fantastic. Every person who wants to do the qualification to be a tourist guide, should do the training through Tourist Guide Institute. She or he can’t be in better hands than with you. It was fun to learn much about our beloved Cape Town. There’s no place like it. Thanks a million.”
Peter Wissdorf, March 2014


“Firstly I want to thank you for the course we just finished. It was conducted in a most professional and practical but also enjoyable way and I will highly recommend without the slightest reservation, the tourist guide institute to anybody interested to become a tourist guide.

I am in true amazement on how you managed to bring the complicated procedures required for applications and registrations, into clarity in the course notes and other documents.  The 2 volumes of notes contain such an incredible wealth of information!

Julie you have a great passion to make it possible for your learners and I have seen you going out of your way, consistent patient, friendly, neutral, greatly articulate, clear, enthusiastic. It was a privilege to have you as a trainer for this!

Scott your rapidity in answering email correspondence and the clarity of information given with your answers not only impressed me but also made me feel that this is the right training provider for me. I am very glad I chose you guys.

The external speakers added a lot to the course, some of them hugely inspiring! So did the practical bus tours with microphone practice.

A great 2 weeks! Thank you.”
Margit Gilliot, March 2014


“I recently took part in the Tourist Guide course presented by Scott and Julie Womack. I researched a few courses but this one was recommended to me. I have just completed two weeks of practical – I have found the teaching methods to be of a very high standard – it helps to be taught by a teacher. We met specialists in all of the areas that we have been lectured on – this is a fantastic concept as it allows the learner first- hand experience from a master and not to just be taught Parrot Style. We have also been exposed to real situations. The learning is very interactive – allowing the students to participate in group activities and to network with one another. I feel that when I go into the trade, I will have a good foundation of knowledge and support and would recommend this
course to any future learners.”
Nicola Hendriks, October 2013


“Excellent course! Very relevant theory as well as practical exposure. Great comraderie amongst the group. This is the place to start if you want to embark on a tourist guide career.”
André Viviers, October 2013


“Very professional course; personable, caring leaders; top quality guest lecturers. A lot of fun as well!”
Jason Buch, October 2013


“The Tour Guide Training Course has been managed in a very brilliant way, as Julie and Scott Womack are very experienced Tourist Guides themselves as well as very skilled teachers (both of them are professional teachers). The course has been set up along two weeks with teachers and lecturers being able to transfer not just essential academic knowledge, but also practical skills, leadership, passion and motivation. In my opinion, the most important value of this course is a different, absolutely professional and ethical way to consider the Tourist Guide’s job, to be seen as a complex, integrated profession linked to many aspects of management. I warmly recommend this course to colleagues interested in tourist guiding: it will be not just a two-week course, but an unforgettable experience generating a new way to think about our profession. A special thanks is due to Julie and Scott for their kindness, commitment, passion and enthusiasm.” (shortened)
Dr Corrado Passi, October 2013


“I honestly enjoyed Julie. She is an outstanding teacher with a genuine kind nature. Her selection of site guides who took us on various tours in and around Cape Town, were all passionate and inspirational for any aspiring tour guide.”
Launa Arntzen, October 2013


“Well done Julie and Scott. Excellent first course which established and inspired me to become a knowledgeable guide.”
Nicole da Silva, October 2013


“Really informative course – well worth it. Scott and Julie are really great at what they do.”
Julian Lello, October 2013


“Scott and Julie are fantastic! There is lots to learn on this course, but theey explained things clearly and are very professional.”
Samantha Drysdale, October 2013


“I wasn’t sure what to expect from the guide course, especially going in with working industry knowledge and although some of the aspects covered were laborious, on the whole it was a superb experience. The course was expertly run with excellent guest guides who are all masters of their respective fields. The touring days give you extensive knowledge of the areas where one will be taking clients and it is all set in a relaxed class environment. Would definitely recommend to anyone interested in guiding in the Cape!”
Jono Durham, October 2013


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Contact Details

Tel: 021 685 0299
Mobile: 082 445 7625

Banking Details

Bank: Standard Bank
Branch: Thibault Square
Branch Code: 02-00-0900
Account Holder: Tourist Guide Institute
Account Type: Cheque
Account Number: See prospectus
Swift Code: SBZAZAJJ